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We are aware that quality human resources bring success and development; and to maintain constant improvement, we aim to ensure that all our employees are trained as employees with high vision, aiming to meet customer needs and demands, and open to development and innovation.

We continue our studies by improving our present systems and ensuring their sustainability through constant development so that our employees-to-be share the same enthusiasm with those who adopt the Emas values in our company, which takes long-term employment as a policy.

Our personnel are comprised of quality employees who:
  • Adopt the company rules towards the company goals,
  • Always try to do the best of their assignments,
  • Take all opportunities to improve themselves, 
  • Embrace their company.


  •  In Emas, an orientation programme is established and applied, which facilitates our new employees’ harmony with the job and the company. 
  • In-company and outsourced training needs are determined and applied in order to speed up the technical and personnel developments of our employees. 
  • We create a working environment based on interdependence and trust, so that our employees can constantly improve themselves and increase their efficiency and creativity.

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